Paavilliset töppöset…

Here is another pair of Mary Janes for newborn. These are gift for my collegues family. Pattern is from Ravelry.


Veme, Amelia and Tilda doll

Veme kofte on the needles, just finished the yoke.


When I was looking fabic for my sewing project, I found this doll from Tildas website. Pattern was found in the Pinterest.Well, almost Tilda sweetheart doll. I have much to sew in this doll, but nice break from knitting.



I had to knit last evening something,  quick knit. Cardigan is so time consuming to knit and I wanted to get ready something fast. I have knitted this cap years ago, but I lost it. I had to search from internet and Ravelry to find this pattern again. Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap.


In the mailbox yesterday

Patterns and yarns I ordered last week arrived yesterday.

Patterns and zipper are from Joycotts UK . 


Yarn for my new Veme kofte is from Ewe and Ply, really good customer service via e-mail !!!


This wool yarn is just perfect for my cardigan. Soo softly crispy and not brake my fingers  like Rauma Lamulgarn did.

Just couldn`t resist to start my Veme. I dont have have any other pattern than this I found via Google. Old knitting pattern from Sygna Ullvarefabrik. I bought earlier pattern for Flea cardigan via Ravelry and I use it as quideline. Because if I undertsood right, Veme is knitted from bottom to top and I wanted to knit from top to bottom like Flea. So combination of these two patterns.


I use Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper yarn shades 79 green and  81 drak gray. I have also  white Holst Garn  in shade 098  Ecru and Coast in shade 55 Grasshopper.

Steeking…. dangerous and horrifying…

I have planed to knit Veme kofte quite long time. I started knitting it with Holst Garn yarn, bu the colours weren`t right ones.


And the steeking WHAATT??? Using scissors to your knitting??? This I had to try before starting again with new yarn.

So I knitted little cardigan first with steek.



Then I did that crochet macig…. whilst doing this, I wondered how is this going to work…. how on earth  is this going to work?!!!I added the buttonbands also.


Then the scissors. Cutting slowly  yarn by yarn.

And it is done.


And it holds….. yeeeeee!!! Who was the lady who invented this technique??? Scots? Dutchs?


Done, finished, no nightmares.

Yarn for my Veme kofte arrived yesterday.




The Little Garden

FinallyI finished this project. Pattern is lovely cardigan with tiny cables and lace pattern. I had this on the needeles since last year, but I had problem knitti ng it in winter.  Skin in my hands were so dry that this Rauma Lamullgarn made my fingertips sore and bleed. So had to move  aside and wait my fngers to be heel- but I forgot whole gardigan. Untila I started to organise my yarns in the beginning of the summer, I found it. I tought  a mometn to frogg it, but I had so little knitting left ( I was just made to marks to the pockets) so I decided to continue.  I am happy with the finished result and I am glad I didn`t frogg it. Pattern is in Ravelry by Junko Okamoto.